What is intuitive eating?

5C3D8821-2439-4CA9-9958-E708A8DFCEB6Last week I went along to Live Well London a wellbeing, health and fitness event in the City.  There were so many great classes, exhibitors and experiences to try out that I’m still absorbing everything.  One take-out that’s really stuck in my mind was a panel discussion on nutrition where the subject of intuitive eating came up. 

It really resonated with me as it’s a complete rejection of diet culture and calorie counting both of which I’ve witnessed be destructive and futile.  This approach is about tuning into your body’s needs to look for cues as to what, when and how much to eat and rejecting the notion of ‘good and bad foods’.   I was then serendipitously sent this article by a friend that sums it up brilliantly.  As a result I’ve tasked myself with gently observing why I’m eating just to ensure I’m not mindlessly picking up snacks that won’t actually make me feel great, being more mindfully joyful when I make and eat deliciously nutritious food and most importantly not over thinking it!  Read the GoodHousekeeping article here

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