What is Pilates?

ABDB2473-A71D-4988-B654-D3E4FEE77AB1This weekend I’m hosting a pop up Zen and Energy Pilates taster session at a local school fete and I’m anticipating some of the questions I might get asked. The most fundamental being – what is Pilates?  I’m after a succinct response that encapsulates everything I want to say about this holistic practice that will quickly convert a Pilates rejector.  The second being ‘isn’t it for girls?’.

I did some googling for inspiration and found two insightful articles (links below). The first article quotes Joseph Pilates directly answering the  question – what is Pilates? ‘Pilates is about stretch, strength and control’.  Makes sense to take the words from the founding father so that’s solved. And for why men should do Pilates…well as the second article explains… if it’s good enough for Tiger Woods, Andy Murray, David Beckham, the English, Welsh and New Zealand Rugby Teams then it has to be worth a try?  Bring on the doubters……

Pilates: Stretch, strength and control

Why men should do Pilates


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I’m passionate about strengthening and balancing mind and body to help people in my community (and beyond) feel great. I share my passions through my blog and social channels and as a qualified Level 3 Pilates instructor I offer Zen and Energy based Pilates sessions in venues around South Bucks, UK.

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