Pilates for speaking with confidence

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I read an article this week called ‘Speech Anxiety: Use “Grounding” to Look and Feel More Confident’ on tips for speaking in public with strength and confidence.  I was fascinated by the parallels with the ABCs of Pilates – alignment, breathing and centering.

The emphasis of the article was on body language, grounding, posture and breathing techniques to help us convey our message with confidence.  All areas that we cover each week in Pilates. Another reminder that the lessons we learn on the mat are equally as relevant off the mat.

So if you wish to create ‘standing’ through your ‘standing’ with your audience take a read of the article and if you haven’t experienced Pilates know that much of what is covered here is what you can expect to experience in a good Pilates class.

I particularly loved the Oak Tree analogy – it inspired my guided relaxation in Zen Pilates this week.  So thank you Gary Genard – most interesting!  #pilatesforconfidence #pilatesposture #pilatesABCs #zenergyactive #garygenard #pilatesforanxiety #grounding #posture #breathing



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