Lockdown 2.0. 3 techniques to help ground and relax

Reminder it’s ok to not be ok. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or just a bit low right now that’s ok. It’s unsettling times. Here are 3 quick ways to create a ‘circuit break’ for your mind and put you back in control of your thinking. 

🖐 5 fingered breathing. Kids and adults love this multi sensory technique. Place your right index finger at the base of your left little finger, I half for a count of 4 as you trace up the outside edge of your finger. Then slowly exhale for 4 as you travel down the inside of your little finger. Continue like this until your thumb then travel back. 

👀 Look close look far. Sit by a window and find the closest object To you. Really study all its lines, colours, shapes and textures for 1 minute then look into the distance and take 3 deep breaths. Enjoy the contrast and perspective this brings. 

➕ Positive overwhelm. Replace negative overwhelm with positive overwhelm. Walk outside and notice your feet on the ground as you take in the autumn colours, the shapes and colours of the sky and the sounds of nature. 

And if you only have 10seconds come out of your mind into your body with a stretch break. Make yourself into a 🌟 with wide arms and feet and ssstrrreeettccchhhh while you breathe deeply. Feel grounded and expanded. 


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