Managing menopause: turning ‘the change’ into an upgrade

A couple of weeks ago I ran a workshop called Menopause The Basics to launch my new online course Menopause 360°. It was a wonderful interactive evening (helped along by some prosecco!)

As well as sharing some pics and testimonials below I wanted to give you the most important piece of information I shared on the night.

What I want every woman to know about menopause: The reason we can experience menopause symptoms is because every cell in our body expects to receive oestrogen to function optimally. In the build-up to menopause (when we no longer have periods) we experience spikes and crashes of this hormone meaning our brain, gut, heart, muscles, bones, gynae and even our emotions can be impacted. This can lead to a myriad of symptoms but it also leaves us vulnerable to certain diseases in the long-term.

What we can do about it: Our lifestyle choices directly influence how well our minds and bodies can cope with these system changes, and therefore, how acutely we experience symptoms.  This is why it’s vital we adapt and update our lifestyle choices after turning 40 to support our minds and bodies through the physical, mental and emotional changes of menopause. 

What if we ignore it? If we don’t adjust how we approach diet, exercise, rest, sleep and stress, or simply ignore what’s happening, not only can symptoms become worse, we can leave ourselves vulnerable to long-term diseases such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and dementia.

What’s the good news? The bigger picture of menopause, the full 360° view, is thinking of menopause as a mid-life system change, not just a series of symptoms.  Making the right lifestyle choices help transform the system change into an upgrade.  The earlier you start to implement changes the better BUT, it’s never too late to make changes or benefit from them, we just need to know what to do and not do!

What should I do about it? My course, Menopause 360° provides practical evidence-based information on all the changes and what to do about it. The course is an on demand, video based course that takes you through the symptoms, science and solutions.

How do I find out more and book? Course details and booking link can be found here:

What attendees said about the workshop:

“A roaring success – brilliant! Sign me up!”

“I wish I’d had that talk 20 years ago! A lot of good advice for post menopause women”

“Fab evening, very informative. I’ve signed up for the course to make sure I’m getting the best advice possible!”

“Your passion for women’s health and knowledge shines through. I could have stayed longer! Not to mention the Prosecco🤣!”

What students say about Menopause 360°:

“The course is brilliant Laura, I feel like my best friend is in the room coaching me”

“Your course is full of your energy and personality – it’s a joy to watch over a cup of tea!”

“Practical, actionable advice and you make it fun and relatable! Thank you.”

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