A week in Ibiza with YogaFit Retreats

Dance parties, glitter, staying up till sunrise and mind-altering experiences….everything I associate with Ibiza but didn’t expect from a fitness holiday – yet that’s what I got (except we were up at sunrise rather than still up at sunrise!) Most mornings were spent flowing through sunrise yoga overlooking the sea and accompanied by a liveContinue reading “A week in Ibiza with YogaFit Retreats”

Myofascial release for flexibility

Does getting your socks on feel like an Olympic sport?  Does the journey to touching your toes elicit oohs and aghs?  Stretching is a great way to improve flexibility but there’s another important factor to consider – your fascia.   Fascia is a type of connective tissue that wraps around every element of our body – like aContinue reading “Myofascial release for flexibility”

New year, same me – nourish not punish

Many of us want to put in place good well-being and exercise habits for the new year but how do we over-ride our natural desire to snuggle under the duvet and reach for some snacks. This is what radio presenter Bob Johnson and I were discussing on Wycombe Sound this morning. Have a listen here:Continue reading “New year, same me – nourish not punish”

The power of visualisations

Go to any good Pilates class and within 1 hour you’ll hear dozens and dozens of descriptions for how the movements should feel in your body.  Visualisations help students to co-ordinate their bones, muscles and breath within a simple sentence.  Joseph Pilates himself used words that would help convey his intention for the body and movement suchContinue reading “The power of visualisations”