New year, same me – nourish not punish

Many of us want to put in place good well-being and exercise habits for the new year but how do we over-ride our natural desire to snuggle under the duvet and reach for some snacks. This is what radio presenter Bob Johnson and I were discussing on Wycombe Sound this morning. Have a listen here:Continue reading “New year, same me – nourish not punish”

The power of visualisations

Go to any good Pilates class and within 1 hour you’ll hear dozens and dozens of descriptions for how the movements should feel in your body.  Visualisations help students to co-ordinate their bones, muscles and breath within a simple sentence.  Joseph Pilates himself used words that would help convey his intention for the body and movement suchContinue reading “The power of visualisations”

How do I engage my core?

All Pilates exercises, and most movements in life, originate from the core. Not being able to engage the core muscles means not being able to get the most from workouts, or from our bodies in general. A weak core can lead to postural deviations, back issues and injuries. So helping my students engage their core isContinue reading “How do I engage my core?”

The Zen & Energy of the Olympics

The Olympics provides a fascinating glimpse of what it takes to achieve incredible athletic feats.  Most of the training techniques are beyond us mere mortals but many athletes use breathing techniques to gain a competitive edge either to create calm and focus or power and energy.     One of the BBC commentary team explained how horse ridersContinue reading “The Zen & Energy of the Olympics”