5 ways to wellbeing (inc admiring your linen)

  I noticed it’s World Mental Health Day today and it made me think about this article I read with some really simple and practical actions to improve your sense of well-being ie. feeling good and functioning well.  Useful to take a moment every so often to reflect on how you’re tracking against them and ifContinue reading “5 ways to wellbeing (inc admiring your linen)”

The slow, steady rise of ‘conscious movement’

I’ve just come across this article in the Guardian that beautifully articulates the growing trend away from the quick fix approach to exercising, back to slower (although not necessarily less difficult) more measured forms of fitness.  The idea is that if you’re conscious, you’re doing whatever it is that you’re doing to your body withContinue reading “The slow, steady rise of ‘conscious movement’”

Breathing – why bother?

Apart from the obvious scientifically proven benefits of keeping us alive, breathing in Pilates sessions takes a starring role. There are tons of benefits of getting it right, here’s just 5 reasons to show breathing some love along with my favourite breathing techniques: 1. Breathing enables our minds and bodies to perform at their peakContinue reading “Breathing – why bother?”