Pilates for speaking with confidence

I read an article this week called ‘Speech Anxiety: Use “Grounding” to Look and Feel More Confident’ on tips for speaking in public with strength and confidence.  I was fascinated by the parallels with the ABCs of Pilates – alignment, breathing and centering. The emphasis of the article was on body language, grounding, posture andContinue reading “Pilates for speaking with confidence”

Did you know you have 3 brains?

This weekend I listened to Dr Chatterjee’s podcast (Feel better, Live more), he was interviewing Dr Tara Swart a neuroscientist and psychologist who was talking about coping with emotions.  She mentioned almost in passing that whenever she needs to make a big decision she places her hand on her head to ask her head forContinue reading “Did you know you have 3 brains?”

Tips for beating anxiety and creating energy and calm

It’s impossible not to be feeling anxious at the moment. So I wanted to share my top well-being tips and techniques for creating energy and calm in the mind and body. The criteria I set myself was that they had to be free, require no ‘kit’ and be easy to do. You don’t need toContinue reading “Tips for beating anxiety and creating energy and calm”

We need to relearn how to breathe

Given each of us breathes roughly 23,000 times a day you’d assume we’d be pretty good at it. The fact is we’re not. And because of that we’re missing out on a raft of well-being benefits. Research is proving that the simple act of breathing correctly benefits both our physical and mental well-being. Shallow breathingContinue reading “We need to relearn how to breathe”

Mindfulness meditation: creating space away from ‘the weapons of mass distraction’

If the thought of shutting down your busy mind to reap the many benefits associated with mindfulness meditation leaves you cold, Ruby Wax’s take on it may give you hope. Ruby – the comedian and author – has a new book out called ‘How to Be Human’ that she wrote with a Buddhist Monk andContinue reading “Mindfulness meditation: creating space away from ‘the weapons of mass distraction’”