Barre Fitness & TRX

The studio has two ballet barres and mirrors to channel your inner ballerina!

Ballet Barre

I offer small group ballet barre fitness classes in the Zenergy Studio. You don’t need any previous dance experience as this is a fitness focussed class. We use inspiration from the world of ballet to work our muscles while feeling elegant and flowing. There’s nothing quite like the ballet burn!

You can incorporate ballet barre into your 1-to-1 sessions or I can host a maximum of 3 students at a time in a small group class. You can bring your friends or I can match you up with other students looking for a group. It’s £45 per sessions – divided by number of students – and booked in blocks of 4 or 6 weeks.

TRX straps can be used to strengthen and stretch using body weight resistance

TRX resistance

TRX (total resistance exercise) uses straps hung from the ceiling of the Studio, with loops for hands or feet on either end. We use our own body weight as resistance to build muscles but also flexibility – as it’s a great bit of kit for stretching too. There are 100s of different strengthening and stretching exercises to try.

TRX can be incorporated into your 1-2-1 session if you’d like to try it. It’s complimentary to Pilates as it has a core focus and challenges stability, posture and alignment.

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