Get your Wonder Woman power pose on

My best Wonder Woman power pose

In Amy Cuddy’s tedtalk (46m views) the Harvard professor suggested that our body language governs how we think and feel about ourselves, and thus, how we hold our bodies can have an impact on our minds.  In other words, by commanding a powerful stance, we can make ourselves actually feel more powerful.  The evidence of power posing came from a study that Cuddy completed while at Harvard University, where participants sat in either a high-power pose (expansive posture) or low-power pose (leaning inward, legs crossed) for two minutes.  Cuddy found that those who sat in the high-power pose, felt more powerful and performed better in mock interviews than those who had not.

She faced a lot of criticism from fellow researches but has recently published an updated study proving the link.  So if you need a quick power boost, get your Wonder Woman (see pic) or Performer on (legs planted wide, arms up and wide as if you’re absorbing rapturous applause after a performance) and absorb the power from the pose.  Full article here:

Study proves the health benefits of lavender

6C7CD8D2-8D20-4F37-8618-EAD144E79AF7I am totally in love with my new lavender eye masks (pic below) and cannot wait to use them in my Zen Pilates sessions.  I chose Lavendar for its ability to calm and relax – I’ve used a Lavendar sleep spray for years.  But this recent study takes the plants benefits to a whole new level with discussions taking place about it being used to calm patients before surgery.  So if you’re feeling stressed or anxious reach for the Lavendar aromatherapy oils, a few drops in the bath is heaven and give your pillow a spritz of the purple stuff.  Link to full article:  The Independent: Lavender scent benefits


Making travelling healthier at Heathrow

5007121D-875C-4EF8-834B-5D2C9F766469Travelling is not only pretty stressful but it’s notoriously hard to find healthy and delicious food options especially at the airport.  Heathrow have just announced a partnership with Form ‘an innovative nutrition brand’ to offer their VIP customers plant-based food options that are good for both mind and body.

Bespoke dishes created as part of the collaboration will include vegan banana bread with protein ice cream, chocolate and peanut protein bars with goji berries, and chia pots featuring matcha, kiwi and coconut. The menu will change monthly during the initial year-long partnership, with the idea behind the collaboration being that, by replacing carbohydrates with protein-based snacks and food, it can help passengers combat the detrimental effects of eating at the wrong time of day on long-haul flights

Looking forward to the partnership being rolled out beyond VIPs and other airports following suit….we’ll have to watch this space.

Form partners with Heathrow to meet growing demands of wellness travelers

15 non-cheesy mantras to boost your confidence


The word ‘mantra’ feels a bit chanty, something abstract to repeat to help clear your mind. However, these mantras are little sayings some smart people have shared that embody really powerful and practical advice to help counteract the voice of negativity in your mind.  I particularly like ‘Figure it out’ – to snap you from emotional turmoil to practical solution mode – a reminder that there’s always a way out of whatever’s feeling overwhelming, it just takes a bit of calm clarity to see it.

Hope they’re of interest and prove to be useful…..

15 non-cheesy mantras to boost your confidence

Nike signs runner with cerebral palsy

Justin Gallegos becomes the first athlete with cerebral palsy to sign a pro contract with Nike

This article caught my attention not just because it’s still sadly unusual for big brands to sign athletes with conditions like cerebral palsy but I was really interested to read that Nike have been working with Justin for years to develop a shoe for runners with disabilities.  The FlyEase has a zippered heel to make it easier to get on and off.  The article explains Justin was running a race when his trainer came off, he stopped to pick it up and carried it all the way to the finish coming last but inspiring everyone that was saw or heard about it – including Nike.  Super impressive stuff.

Student with Cerebral Palsy hearing news signed by Nike
‘Trust the process’ was Justin’s response to the news Nike had signed him