Corporate classes

Well-being at work initiatives are proven to enhance productivity, improve employee satisfaction and support long term retention.  Pilates is a great option for the workplace as it’s low impact so extremely inclusive, it can be done in a

Paradigm Housing, Glory Park

meeting room without the need for showers afterwards and the focus on posture, flexibility and core strength help alleviate musculoskeletal imbalances that can come from many hours sat at a desk.

I provide all the equipment including mats, balls and bands plus aromatherapy scents and lavender eye masks for a guided relaxation session at the end. Clients often say they’re transported from work for an hour and it feels like a mini spa treatment!























Laura provides a bespoke approach for staff – responding to how they’re feeling in the session; she balances perfectly the workout aspect of Pilates with the importance of being mindful and peaceful. All the staff thoroughly enjoy the sessions and feel great afterwards.

  Jo Moore, Head Teacher. Wooburn Green Primary School. 

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