What people say

Laura is extremely welcoming, encouraging and supportive. Her directions are clear and cater to all levels – whether a novice or someone with pilates experience.  Great value class so definitely attending again!  Nic Grimmer

“Great class! Great teacher! Great energy! What’s not to like?? Always found floor Pilates hard – not this class – Laura’s directions are clear and easy to follow and for someone with zero flexibility I was able to attempt and achieve every position and exercise. Great evening! Time to give ZenergyActive a go!  Hilary Smiles

Had my first Energy Pilates taster session this week with Laura. It was good fun and I felt refreshed and well stretched afterwards. I will definitely be attending her upcoming classes.  Trisha Clews

Fantastic Zen Pilates class. I’m not very good at stretching but need to. Laura was really friendly and supportive in helping me ‘the inflexible’ be a little more flexible, looking forward to continuing the classes. Jane Chandler

Thank you so much! I feel about 4 inches taller, completely calm and balanced! I loved it.  Emma Townsend

I’ve been practising Pilates on a one-one basis for years. A significant contributory factor in my enjoyment is the chemistry between me and the instructor. I was unsure of joining a class but Laura is a delightful person, brimming with enthusiasm and vitality. She explains and demonstrates each move clearly and takes a personal interest in everyone, helping them adapt and adjust according to their individual needs. The classes are small and friendly and I can honestly say that I am absolutely delighted that Laura has launched ZenergyActive in the area! Rebecca Nelson

The Zen class is the perfect balance between working your body, whilst also feeling relaxed and energised. A really enjoyable and beneficial class. Ruth Ingram

I used to be very active, playing competitive sport 2 or 3 times a week, then a bad injury and change in circumstances meant I have been inactive for a good 18 months. I put a lot of weight on which hindered my recovery, I tried aerobics but this aggrevated the injury, so when Laura dropped off a card introducing her Zen & Energy Fusion Pilates I jumped at the chance. This class has not only helped my posture and breathing, but with its gentle stretching and movement, has helped to strengthen the muscles around the injury and in strengthening the core muscles has also helped my lower back stiffness, and I am also losing weight. After 7 weeks I now feel ready to exert myself a little more so will be combining Laura’s energy and Zen classes.  This has been the best decision I have ever made, I look forward to the classes each week, and because the numbers are kept down Laura is able to keep an eye on everyone to make sure we are doing it properly. Highly recommended.”  Christine Dove


My two year old son and I attended the Energy Pilates with tots class and it was brilliant. I have been trying to find a way to exercise, but struggled getting out in the evening. This was a really fun solution. I managed the class which was well paced, Laura was very considerate of people new to Pilates, and my son had fun playing with a few toys, watching the other children and managing the odd stretch himself which he was very pleased to demonstrate to his brother when he got home! It was very relaxed, no one seemed self conscious with the kids doing their own thing. Laura made sure to say that it’s a no judgement zone with regards to the children’s behaviour – which was a relief given my son is a lively two year old. The other mums seemed very friendly too.

I also attended the aerobic/dance/fit class on Monday evenings and I had a lot of fun. It was a really friendly class. Laura made sure to break down the steps and reassure us that it really doesn’t matter if it’s right as long as we are having fun and moving! Which was good as I haven’t done a class like that in years. It was very active and set to upbeat music. The variety of having some aerobics, a dance piece and some stretching was great as it meant it was quick and no one aspect got too painful!! Laura and the other women in the class were really encouraging. I would really recommend this class to anyone that wants to get into exercise. Sarah Armitage

Laura’s Zen Pilates class provides a gentle stretching coupled with relaxation. The use of aromatherapy scents makes it feel more like a bit of pampering rather than just another exercise class you are doing as necessary chore.  You leave feeling calm and ready for a good night’s sleep.” TD
I started the Zen Pilates class two weeks ago and it has been brilliant. The classes are perfect for the end of a long day and have certainly helped me sleep really well. Laura has taught various techniques and exercises that can be easily replicated at home as well as breathing patterns to aid relaxation. The aromatherapy spray is soothing and the tea lights and lavender eye mask are a big bonus to the relaxation. Really pleased to have found an excellent class locally.”  Kate Robinson
I highly recommend Zenergy Active pilates. Laura is a great instructor and makes the classes fun and welcoming. The exercises are modified to cater for different abilities and Laura’s encouragement boosts your confidence and motivates you to try new moves. There is something new every week so the hour flies by.  I’ve been to both the energy and zen classes and it’s amazing how despite being in the same venue the atmosphere changes from lively and energetic to relaxing and calm. Mei-ling Payne
Laura’s Zen Pilates classes are great.  The first time I slept through the night in ages!” Louise Street
“I’m really enjoying Laura’s class. One of the benefits I’m surprised about is the most amazing night’s sleep I have after our Wednesday class. I’m not a great sleeper and so the deep unbroken night’s sleep I get after the class is so cherished.” Vanessa White
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