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Friendly, flexible Fitness Pilates classes to unwind and revitalise

A workout minus the work: no gym fees, no gruelling workouts, no fancy workout gear, no ‘miss a class and you miss out’. Not even any zen chanting. Just a big old stretch, strengthen, tone and unwind for body and mind.

If you’re looking for flexible, friendly Fitness Pilates classes where you can truly relax your mind and revitalise your body without worrying about fitting in, knowing the moves, wearing the gear or missing a class – come and give us a try.

ZenergyActive offers a refreshingly inclusive, encouraging approach to Fitness Pilates. A fusion of gentle relaxation Zen Pilates and higher-impact Energy Pilates taught in small, welcoming groups at local community venues in Wooburn and Cookham. A bit of chatter, plenty of encouragement, and no stares when you turn up in your oldest leggings. And if you can’t make it to a class, no problem, just choose a replacement class any time the same term.

Fitness Pilates is something anyone can do, whatever your shape, size or fitness level. Whether you’re 18 or 85, a busy parent feeling frazzled or an older person wanting to stay supple, I’ll talk you through everything and work at a level that’s right for you, enabling you to feel good about yourself, rebalance your body and reset your mind – and have fun along the way.

My classes are small and get booked up fast, so snap up your place now!





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