Friendly, flexible Pilates & Barre Fusion classes via Zoom, in small groups in local halls and in the ‘Zen Den’; strengthen, lengthen and revitalise.

If you’re looking for flexible, friendly mat based Pilates and Barre Fusion classes where you can truly relax your mind and revitalise your body without worrying about fitting in, knowing the moves, wearing the ‘right’ gear or missing a class – come and try ZenergyActive.


What actually is Pilates?

It’s based on deliberate, low-impact movements that strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility and joint mobility while the focus on breathing and mind body connection help you feel physically and mentally rejuvenated.  Pilates is controlled movement for a purpose rather than just pounding away at a treadmill.   You end up in peak physical and mental condition; with better posture, strength, muscle tone, joint mobility, balance and a lot less stress.

I offer two styles of mat based Pilates: Energy Pilates a higher-impact Energy Pilates for people who want to get more blood pumping and endorphins flowing and Zen Pilates for people who want to work holistically and gently with their minds and bodies to restore calm and energy.  Not many workouts include massage oils and blankets but Zen Pilates does! You can find out more about all the classes here

Terms run in 6 week blocks but you can join Zoom classes at any point, plus you can attend as many online sessions a week as you like. I provide you with a class recordings hub whichever option you choose (over 70 hours of classes).  Plus I’m launching Barre Fusion in January 2021! Find out more here: ‘Prices and booking

If you’re ready for physical classes I offer small group classes in local halls in Wooburn Town and Cookham, Bucks & 121s in my private studio in Wooburn Town.


So for a workout minus the work: no gym fees, no gruelling workouts, no fancy workout gear, no ‘miss a class and you miss out’. Come and experience a friendly, inclusive Pilates workout that will leave you feeling strong, supple and invigorated.

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