Spring/Summer term: 6 weeks – 13 July – 17 August 2020

The timetable below is run live using Zoom video.  If you’re interested in small group physical classes in my outdoor Zen Den please drop me an email:

Once you’ve booked you’ll receive the Zoom link in your booking confirmation with simple instructions to join the session.

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Energy Pilates: the physical and mental workout

Invigorate your energy levels and feel toned and strong. A low-impact but highly effective workout, this dynamic style concentrates on working each muscle group for greater strength and flexibility, with a particular focus on a strong and stable core and glutes, and good spinal posture. You’ll learn techniques to strengthen, twist, reach and pulse for a full-body workout to uplifting music; leaving you feeling strong, balanced and energised in both body and mind. The Monday morning class has a particular emphasis on stretching, to kick-start your week feeling strong, supple and focused.

Who is this class best for? Anyone wanting to improve their strength and flexibility, whatever your level of fitness or experience. We can adapt all of the movements in both standing and mat work to suit your desired level of intensity, so it can be tailored completely to your pace.

Benefits: This class is both invigorating and relaxing, a great stress-buster that works deeply into the muscles and joints. You’ll feel you’ve worked hard physically and mentally and leave feeling mobilised, balanced, strong, toned and flexible.

Zenergy Fusion Pilates: the recharging combo

Recharge and reboot your mind and body with a blend of Zen and Energy techniques in the same session. The first half of the class is a dynamic Energy Pilates session, working each muscle group to strengthen and tone; twisting, reaching and pulsing to uplifting music. We then change pace for the second half, switching to Zen Pilates with candlelight and calm, ambient music. This part of the class is about deeply-held stretches to lengthen and unfurl, before we end with a short guided relaxation session under blankets.

Who is this class best for? People who like the sound of both Zen and Energy Pilates, and want to combine the stress-busting benefits of both. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness or experience you are as I’ll guide you and tailor movements throughout.

Benefits: This fusion class is a really effective way to combat mental and physical stress, combining a dynamic physical workout and concentrated muscle work with the calm of breathing techniques and a real mind-body connection.


Zen Pilates: the blissful escape.  

A Pilates class with a slower pace that combines movement, breath work, guided relaxation and well-being tips and techniques for inner strength, awareness and resilience.  Nourishment for mind and body.

Who is this class best for? Anyone wanting to alleviate tension and pressure in the body and mind and work at a gentler pace. Perfect for all levels of fitness and experience as it’s lowimpact with adaptations to enable you to work at a level that’s right for you.

Benefits: Your body will feel long and strong and your mind clear and calm.  Plus each week I share a practical well-being tip to support your overall self-care. 


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