Spring term 2019: 2 x 6 weeks:

25 February1 April (break wc 8 April and wc 15 April) & 22 April – 27 May 



Class descriptions

I’ve developed a series of classes so there’s something each week to suit the mood and needs of your mind and body:

Zen Pilates: is about gentle movement to stretch and unfurl the body working with the breath to remove tension and to create a mind body connection. We work in standing positions as well as on the mat.  You’ll be moving amongst tea lights, in a room infused with organic aromatherapy scents and listening to gentle relaxing music. We’ll do breathing exercises and a guided relaxation at the end of the class.

Who is this class best for? Great for anyone wanting to alleviate tension and pressure in the body and mind.  Perfect for all levels of fitness and experience as it’s low impact movement, plus adaptions are provided so you can work at a level that’s right for you.  We really focus on the posture establishing great technique so particularly good for beginners.

Benefits: your body will feel long and strong and your mind will feel clear and calm. Quiet wakefulness is second only to deep sleep for allowing the body to recharge, you’ll float out of class having set yourself up for a great night’s sleep

Energy Pilates:  uses the more dynamic Pilates moves to work each muscle group with a particular focus on moves that give you a strong core and glutes – so important for flexibility and mobility particularly in the spine to prevent back and posture problems.  We will strengthen, twist, reach and pulse for a full body workout that is great fun leaving you feeling strong, balanced and energised in both body and mind.79F1E8E2-5145-483D-A51D-1CBEB06F813E

Benefits: the class is both invigorating and relaxing, you’ll feel you’ve worked hard physically and mentally – a great stress buster that works deeply into the muscles and joints.  You’ll feel mobilised, balanced, strong and flexible.

Who is this class best for? Again, lots of adaptions are provided so you can work at your own level of intensity in both standing and mat work so all levels of fitness and experience welcome.

Energy & Zen Pilates Fusion: can’t decide if Energy or Zen is right for you? In need of both but only have 1 hour to spare?  Then come along to my fusion class where we’ll work through a flavour of the Energy Pilates moves before we stretch, lengthen and unfurl with a sample of the Zen Pilates positions and end with a short guided relaxation session.


Bootcamp (little ones welcome in the room) – the key to this class is variety and pace in the individual sessions and week on week.  We’ll work round a series of exercise stations where you do a quick burst of cardio or resistance movements (think star jumps, step ups, Russian twists) for 60 seconds before having a quick break and moving onto the next station – in a circuit!  It’s fast, fun and action packed.


Who is the class best for?  Anyone that wants to work hard but have fun.  Please note that mums and dads who bring little ones (under 5s) do so knowing they are taking full supervision responsibilities.  So please bring whatever you need to entertain them.

Benefits: Each move is designed to target a different area of the body so your muscles have no where to hide! The time races by, you’ll leave feeling energised, strong and with so much to focus on it’s a mental holiday!


Energy Pilates for parents and tots (pre-schoolers) An Energy Pilates class that mums and dads or carers can attend with tots incorporated (babies welcome in car seats and tots up to 4yrs old can join in). Please note this is not a post natal specific class, it’s a general exercise class designed to work with tots being able to join in.  Mums need to be approved by a GP to exercise and be at least 12 weeks from having given birth.

Who is the class best for?  Mums, dads or carers who want to workout during the day and need the freedom of being able to have their little ones joining in. It’s a great fun bonding experience whilst creating an opportunity to exercise in a supportive environment.  Pilates based exercise is great for anyone getting back into fitness or already fit as the movements are low impact but work deeply in the body.

Benefits: an overall workout that improves balance, mobility and strength, plus a fun, relaxed experience to share with your little ones.


AerobicDanceFit – is a high energy mood boosting class that’s bursting with a fun combination of aerobic style dance moves set to uplifting music from around the world and across the decades – it just happens to be a full body workout too.  Channel your 80s green goddess!

Who is this class best for? You certainly don’t need to be a dancer – as all the moves are provided and ‘if in doubt march it out!’.  It can be quite bouncy but just take the bounce out and step it out if it’s too much.


Benefits: You’ll get lost in the music and forget your doing a full body workout.  It’s great fun and really gets the endorphins going.

I hope there’s something in here that appeals to your wellness needs so that I get to be a part of your ongoing wellness journey.  The best way to stick to any activity is to not see it as a chore but as you prioritising your physical and mental wellness for the good of yourself and everyone you come into contact with!  It won’t feel like a chore if you find something that’s fun, convenient and mentally and physically beneficial in every way.

Any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch, Laura x

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