Discovering Pilates 10 years ago was a revelation, a life line. I was struggling mentally and physically in a demanding corporate job – the stress literally sat on my shoulders leading to physical discomfort, lethargy and mental overwhelm.

My passion became my career 4 years ago. I retrained as a Level 3 Pilates instructor and launched ZenergyActive.

I’m a bundle of positivity and calm energy and thrive on interacting and supporting my clients.  I live with my husband Rob and my working gun dog Dave (often confused with one another) in Wooburn Town, Buckinghamshire, UK. I’m lucky enough to have a career that blurs with my natural passion and curiosity for how the human body and mind works.  I spend a lot of my time reading, writing and listening to experts in this field so I can inject nuggets into my Pilates classes to further inspire & inform my clients with all the latest thinking.  I also love exploring the UK’s stunning countryside and spending time with friends and family enjoying great food and wine!

A healthy, energised life is about balance and finding ways to stay fit, strong and relaxed that are enjoyable.  I hope Pilates and Pilates infused exercise becomes an enjoyable part of your well-being journey.

I very much look forward to seeing you on the mat, Laura.

Laura Chandler. Founder of ZenergyActive.
Level 3 Pilates and Barre Fusion instructor.

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