The Power of Pilates Breathing

Pilates is renowned for its mind-body approach to fitness, and at the heart of this practice lies diaphragmatic breathing. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of diaphragmatic breathing in Pilates and how it can elevate your practice. The Essence of Diaphragmatic Breathing Diaphragmatic breathing, often called deep or abdominal breathing, involves engaging theContinue reading “The Power of Pilates Breathing”

Strength training tips from a Powerlifting World Medallist

I recently interviewed Pelin Baykal, a Powerlifting GB World Medallist on IG Live.  Pelin only took up Powerlifting in her 40s after going through a period of depression. we discussed the importance of strength training for women in peri and post menopause, the lessons she learned from competing and tips for us mere mortals toContinue reading “Strength training tips from a Powerlifting World Medallist”

Happy Place Festival

I’ve been wanting to go to the Happy Place festival for years and finally went this weekend at beautiful Chiswick House. The festival promises to be ‘a creative space for self-love and happiness’ which it absolutely is. Not too big to be overwhelming, but large enough to attract fantastic speakers, teachers and independent retailers, allContinue reading “Happy Place Festival”

What stops women exercising in midlife?

The latest research by This Girl Can, Sport England’s campaign to get women active, has shared that “2.4 million fewer women than men strongly agree that they find sport and exercise enjoyable and satisfying” The research highlights a range of practical and emotional barriers preventing women from getting active including perceived expense, lack of ability, noContinue reading “What stops women exercising in midlife?”

How to support your partner through menopause

Did you know the menopause is a divorce danger zone? Divorce rates peak for couples aged 45 to 49 years old in the UK, according to the National Office for Statistics, with women more likely to call for divorce than men around this age. The myriad of symptoms along with the emotional and mental healthContinue reading “How to support your partner through menopause”