Boost your NEAT for improved weight loss, strength and flexibility

In the first lockdown here in the UK the nation embraced exercise.  We replaced the daily commute by moving with Joe or grabbing our trainers and re-acquainting ourselves with nature.  By the third lockdown however, motivation dwindled.  Now at the end of our lockdown journey (fingers crossed), many of my clients have told me they’re now moving evenContinue reading “Boost your NEAT for improved weight loss, strength and flexibility”

Gain a broader perspective and create calm

When you feel really worried about something you’ve probably experienced tunnel vision – when your brain can only focus on one threat even your vision narrows.  The opposite is also true. When we’re in a relaxed state our peripheral vision (PV) widens because it’s connected to our parasympathetic nervous system. When we’re calm, we can takeContinue reading “Gain a broader perspective and create calm”

Zen and the art of sport

Sports documentaries have been a revelation of lockdown life. They’ve exposed me (not someone that plays or watches sport despite being a Pilates teacher) to what being a sports person is really all about. It’s not always the most naturally able or biggest and strongest who win, it’s not always the shiny prize that drivesContinue reading “Zen and the art of sport”

Bob Johnson, local radio presenter, chats with me on-air about his first Pilates experience.

I met Bob a couple of years ago when he kindly invited me onto his station Wycombe Sound 106.6FM to talk all things well-being. I invited him to join me for a Pilates session and finally 2 years later we managed to make it happen. Since January Bob has been doing regular 1:to:1 sessions withContinue reading “Bob Johnson, local radio presenter, chats with me on-air about his first Pilates experience.”