What stops women exercising in midlife?

The latest research by This Girl Can, Sport England’s campaign to get women active, has shared that “2.4 million fewer women than men strongly agree that they find sport and exercise enjoyable and satisfying”

The research highlights a range of practical and emotional barriers preventing women from getting active including perceived expense, lack of ability, no time, lack of energy and fear of judgement.

The new “This Girl Can With You” phase of the campaign is aiming to close what they’re calling ‘the Enjoyment Gap’ by working with gyms and leisure facilities to dismantle the barriers that stop women and girls enjoying sport.

ukactive and This Girl Can have created a practical guide for gyms and leisure centres to support more women and girls to be active. The guide outlines 5 key actions:

  1. Visibility and communications – Use communications to demonstrate a facility’s inclusivity
  2. Online presence – Give practical advice to women and girls before attending and include the benefits of participating
  3. First visit and sign up – create a welcoming environment, inductions and consider flexible pricing
  4. Finding the right activity – offer different levels and modifications and timings are mindful of women’s commitments
  5. Building trust – demonstrate a commitment to supporting personal safety

I don’t work in a gym or leisure centre setting but I still feel there’s an important role for us in the community class space to read the research and act against the findings to help more women access the numerous benefits that exercise unlocks.

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