10 reasons to love November

8A339040-0276-48D8-AE9B-D24B97261A921. It’s hot chocolate season – Tia Maria, Baileys…

2. Big hearty dinners – one pots, roasts, stews, dumplings

3. Puddings with custard become the norm

4. Ugg boots

5. A bright November morning is bliss

6. A grey, cold November weekend means movies!!

7. Winter woolies – re-discovering last year’s winter wardrobe

8. Ooooh, agggghhhh fireworks

9.  Christmas markets (great excuse for No1)

10. Real fires, candles and blankets!


Published by ZenergyActive

I’m passionate about strengthening and balancing mind and body to help people in my community (and beyond) feel great. I share my passions through my blog and social channels and as a qualified Level 3 Pilates instructor I offer Zen and Energy based Pilates sessions in venues around South Bucks, UK.

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