What’s on your care label?

There are many great tips out there for helping you achieve happiness, the problem is not all of them work for everyone. You need a really thorough understanding of you to create a life and self-care rituals are meaningful.

The analogy we used in the Den this week was ‘What are your care instructions’? Just as clothing comes with a label explaining the fabric and how to take care of it – what would your care label say? What are the 5 instructions someone would need to know in order to take care of you to ensure you’re well taken care of inside and out? Then ask yourself, do you do them? What’s just a small action you could take towards taking better care of you? And on the flip side, what would be the instructions to prevent damage – and do you avoid those scenarios?

For most of us ‘exercise regularly’ will likely be on those care instructions, yet it’s often a neglected area. Experimenting with what that looks like for you and finding something you truly enjoy rather than ‘should do’ will make it stick. Finding Pilates was a revelation – a means to keep strong and supple without having to go to a gym for a hard core training session. But it’s different for everyone, the important part is knowing you and what you need to take care of you. #careinstructions #selfcare #selfunderstanding #wellbeing #pilates #zenergyactive

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