How’s your self-care battery doing?

Self-care is about recharging yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We only have a finite amount of energy and once we run beyond our limits there are serious consequences and yet we’re very bad at setting boundaries and protecting our precious energy reserves.

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The simple analogy of the ‘self-care battery’ can really help to simplify the self-care process.  Picturing a battery pack helps to encapsulate where your energy levels are at and whether you might be in need of a boost.   It can also be applied to the activities and even people in your life – do they boost or take from your energy reserves?

Unlike our devices our energy levels don’t come with any visible warning signs that our energy is waning.  Mindful practices help us create the headspace to take a few breaths and check in on how our battery pack is performing.  So take a few deep breaths and make a note of where your energy is at.  If you need a boost what activities could you put in place that might help restore you back to full power?

It could be as simple as a few breaths or a breathing exercise like box breathing or a walk round the block, water break or making plans with friends who energise you.  Remember it’s also sometimes about saying no to plans too.  If your battery pack is running low, prioritise you and your precious energy reserves – self-care isn’t selfish – you’ll be a better version of you for yourself and others if your battery pack is fully charged.  #selfcare #selfcareisntselfish #energy #selfcarebattery #mindfulness #mindfulmovement

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