Making travelling healthier at Heathrow

5007121D-875C-4EF8-834B-5D2C9F766469Travelling is not only pretty stressful but it’s notoriously hard to find healthy and delicious food options especially at the airport.  Heathrow have just announced a partnership with Form ‘an innovative nutrition brand’ to offer their VIP customers plant-based food options that are good for both mind and body.

Bespoke dishes created as part of the collaboration will include vegan banana bread with protein ice cream, chocolate and peanut protein bars with goji berries, and chia pots featuring matcha, kiwi and coconut. The menu will change monthly during the initial year-long partnership, with the idea behind the collaboration being that, by replacing carbohydrates with protein-based snacks and food, it can help passengers combat the detrimental effects of eating at the wrong time of day on long-haul flights

Looking forward to the partnership being rolled out beyond VIPs and other airports following suit….we’ll have to watch this space.

Form partners with Heathrow to meet growing demands of wellness travelers

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