Zen Party

It’s been some time since I had the pleasure/challenge of organising a hen do but I remember the pressure of trying to find something everyone would like, could afford, was a bit different and had more substancethan just drinking all day.  For that reason this Spring I’m launching my Zen Parties.   Pilates based exercise is low impact and so is accessible to anyone with a basic level of fitness.  It can also be made into a gentle, slow, stretch and relax style with an accompanying mellow sound track for a Zen Pilates session along with lavender eye masks and aromatherapy scents.  Or for ladies that want to share more of a workout together the pace can be increased and I’ll use the more dynamic moves with funky tunes playing.  Optional extras will include flower crowns, pamper packs and of course bubbles!


So if you know of anyone planning a hen do or girlie get together point them in my direction for an experience with a healthy twist. X

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I’m passionate about strengthening and balancing mind and body to help peri to post menopausal women feel brilliant. I offer Pilates, Barre Fitness and my menopause management programme - Menopause 360°

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