Tips from the Zen Den: Being brilliant every single day

Breathe: Ted Talk: being brilliant every single dayOne of my favourite things about my newly launched small group Zen Pilates in the Den classes this week has been the sharing of wellbeing tips. One client shared her favourite TedTalk titled: Being Brilliant Every Single Day by Dr Alan Watkins an expert on human performance. He explains how the biggest inhibitor of our performance is our own physiology. Under pressure we give ourselves a ‘DIY lobotomy’ and we suddenly can’t think clearly. He explains (with humour) that the single most important thing we can do is breathe properly. To summarise he gives this acronym:




Through the


Every day

Give it a watch and you’ll get the full context. It’s fascinating. The power of our performance is in our hands (or heart).

Watch now: Being Brilliant Every Single Day

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