How full is your stress bucket?

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, one of my clients was telling me her workplace ran an exercise called ‘Stress Bucket’ as a tool to identify how the things currently in your life make you feel and how to manage them more effectively.  She was raving about it so I had a go and found it really insightful.   This article provides a succinct summary of the exercise – give it a try……

As the article says ‘It is very unlikely you will be able to completely empty your bucket, and having some stress in our lives is what makes us human.. its having the ability to cope with what we have in it which is the critical factor in keeping us healthy’ and of course having the coping mechanisms in place to release the stresses out of the bucket.  Do you feel you have enough ways to empty your stress bucket in place – to help release the feeling of overwhelm?  If not, give some thought to what you feel you want and need to put in place that would restore some calm and re-invigorate.

Read full article: here

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